Journalists Mike Njenga, Nderitu Waihura recount last conversations with Governor Wahome Gakuru


Inooro TV presenters Mike Njenga and Nderitu Waihura have recounted the last conversations they had with the late Nyeri Governor Wahome Gakuru before he died in a tragic car crash on Kenol-Thika Highway Tuesday morning.

Governor Gakuru was on his way to Inooro TV for a live interview, slated for 9am, when me met his death. He was with his personal assistant, Albert Kaguru; bodyguard, Ahmed Abdi; and driver, Samuel Kinyanjui, when the accident occurred at Kabati in Murang’a County.

Kaguru, Abdi and Kinyanjui, who had been rushed to the Thika Level Five Hospital Tuesday morning, were transferred to the Aga Khan Hospital in Nairobi for advanced treatment.”


“We had a chat with the late governor last evening. It was my co-anchor, Nderitu Waihura, who first called him and he accepted to come for an interview on our show Tuesday morning (November 7).

“This morning, he called us at around 6:40am and told us he was on his way, without revealing where he had reached with his journey. We were expecting him on the show at 9am. Usually, he is this kind of guy who arrives early, when called for an interview. He’d say: ‘I want to relax, give ample time to the make-up artist and also read the newspapers.’

“We were to host him alongside Laikipia Governor and a lawyer called Ndegwa Njiru.

“News about his death extremely shocked me, given I learnt about it on social media. It was very, very shocking. Today, it is when reality hit me that social media sometimes can be brutal. You can imagine I was supposed to host him, and I learn about his demise on social media. He was somebody I had talked to earlier, when embarked on the Nairobi journey.

“For the first time, I have known why people are told never to share pictures and stories of the dead on social media.

“Imagine I am not the next of kin, but just a friend, and I was shocked to that extent. Now, how much more did the relatives feel? Today, I felt and knew how brutal social media is. News about the death of people should never be broken that way.

“I am urging guys who are sharing pictures of the late governor in the car before he was rushed to Thika Level Five Hospital to exercise restraint. It is cruel, it is brutal.

“We told legislators who came to the show today that we need some regulations to be introduced to govern the use of social media. It should not be used in the way it was used today.

“We pray God gives his family strength to go through this. We are praying for peace that surpasses all the understanding to be upon the family, the relatives and the friends.”


“Yesterday (Monday, November 6), our conversation was brief – that we meet on Kimuri on Inooro TV Tuesday 9am. We did not talk much. I, actually, did not know whether he was going to drive from Nyeri, or he was in the city. When booking him for an interview, I usually inquire if he is available on a certain date, and he tells me yes or no. I first booked him for the show last weekend, confirmed his availability yesterday and early this morning.

“When I read news about the accident involving the governor’s car on a WhatsApp platform around 7:15am this morning, I immediately called him on phone, and he did not pick up. That is when it dawned on me that the reports were true. I usually don’t call his personal assistant; I talk to the governor directly.

“Gakuru is someone I knew way back, when he was appointed as the CEO of the Vision 2030. He was a very close friend. I admired his level of education. At the time, he was also lecturing at the University of Nairobi.

“I hosted him on Inooro FM occasionally. Given I hail from Nyeri County, we would hold conversations on how to move the county forward. One thing that I know is that he is a student of former President Mwai Kibaki. He meant well for Nyeri people.

“He was knowledgeable; a good guy who knew what he wanted. That was the right person to be the governor of Nyeri. I don’t think it is just an accident, but let us wait and see.”


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