Jose Chameleone accused of witchcraft


Ugandan sensation Jose Chameleone has been accused of practicing witchcraft by his compatriot, dancehall singer Badman Denzo.

In a recent NBS TV interview, Denzo said that he has seen the Wale Wale hit-maker travel to Dar es Salaam severally to engage in black magic.

According to Uganda’s, Badman was hosted on an NBS TV gospel segment called The Podium, presented by Eddy Raso. During the interview, he made the witchcraft allegations.

He was quoted to have said: “I am very sure Chameleone uses witchcraft, that ka-guy (small guy). He gets his charms from Tanzania. I once found him in Dar es Salaam.”

Jose Chameleone has in the past vehemently refuted witchcraft claims. In September 2015, he categorically rubbished rumours that linked him to evil powers.

He said: “Illuminati” debate has seen ignorant society accuse one another for the practice. I have been built from ambition and dream to be! All these allegations came after I got miles away from the Joseph I was, as a growing young desperate boy. I tell you my friends and whosoever wishes the best for themselves not to believe in such fabricated rubbish. Africa let’s wake up and live on our sweat unlike the mysteries the West is implanting against us to weaken us.”

Numerous Ugandan entertainers have been accused of illuminati associations, with some newspapers, tabloids, gossip blogs and social media platforms publishing these allegations.

However, information remains scanty and speculative as no concrete evidence has ever been tabled against the accused artistes.

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