Joint-toppers in KCPE, Rawlings and Olive, score similar marks in each subject


Two candidates, who scored a mean score of 453 marks out of the possible 500 in this year’s Kenya Certificate of Primary Education (KCPE) released Monday, also posted similar marks in respective subjects.

Rawlings Odhiambo, who sat his KCPE at Kakamega Hills Primary School, and Olive Mwea Wachira, who wrote her exams at the Riara School in Nairobi, emerged top of the 1, 052, 364 pupils, who registered for the 2018 KCPE.

Both Rawlings Odhiambo and Olive Mwea scored 99% in Mathematics, 92% in English, 97% in Kiswahili, 81% in Science and 84% in Social Studies.

“When I received my results this afternoon, I couldn’t believe it at first. But, after my teacher confirmed it, I was really excited. I wish to pursue a course in pharmacy after completing my secondary school studies,” Olive told Citizen TV in an exclusive interview Monday at the Riara School.

In the 2018 KCPE, boys continued to post superior results, with the numbers showing that the girl child is steadily catching up.

A total of 1,052,364 candidates sat for the 2018 KCPE examinations; of these 527,294 (50.1%) were boys, 525,070 (49.9%) were girls a difference of 2224.

“An analysis of the gender trend in candidates this year indicates that the number of girls has consistently been higher than that of boys,” said Education Cabinet Secretary Amina Mohamed, who released the exams at the Star of the Sea school in Mombasa County.

Ms Mohamed revealed that 23 out of the 47 counties registered more female candidates.

On the battlefront, the two genders were pretty much evenly matched right from the top.

CS Amina also announced that the female candidates performed better than the boys in English, Swahili and the Kenyan Sign Language exams.

A total of 2,495 candidates with special needs sat the 2018 KCPE exam, with the best scoring 446.

Of the over one million candidates, 12,273 scored over 400 marks while 228,414 attained between 301 and 400 marks.

On the other hand 574,927 pupils attained between 201 and 300 marks while 234,573 candidates had between 101 and 200 marks.

A total of 2,177 pupils had 100 marks and below.



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