Jimmy kibaki exposes President Uhuru Kenyatta’s “naughty” side

While giving a touching tribute to his late mother, former First Lady Lucy Kibaki, during her funeral mass, Jimmy Kibaki touched on how his mother esteemed discipline.

Sharing an endearing tale from his schoolboy days, Jimmy narrated how a certain Irish priest nearly caned him “to death”.

Looking for a reprieve from the cane, young Jimmy reported the priest to his mother hoping that she would intervene.

Not wanting her “naughty” son to lose his way, Mama Lucy, in her typical no-nonsense manner, refused to intervene.

While sharing the witty tale, Jimmy uncannily ‘outed’ his schoolmate President Uhuru Kenyatta who was equally familiar with the cane.

“Every Friday, I was being caned by an Irish priest… His Excellency remembers him because am told he was very familiar with the cane,” Jimmy stated.

The somber mood at the funeral mass temporarily lifted as mourners laughed at the memory of a young and “naughty” Uhuru.

When his chance to address the funeral service finally came, president Kenyatta called  Jimmy for outing him.

Jimmy ametoboa siri zangu sa sijui nitajificha wapi angeziacha kidogo lakini zimetoboka.”

The mourners broke into laughter once more, bringing some much needed joy to a sad day.

Mama Lucy Kibaki was laid to rest at the Kibaki Family Othaya home on Saturday afternoon.

She passed away while undergoing treatment at a London Hospital.

President Uhuru Kenyatta made the announcement saying that Mama Lucy had been unwell for over a month.

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