After ruffling feathers with ‘sponsor’ track, this is the other thing that Jimmy Gait did

After ruffling feathers with Yesu Ndiye Sponsor, this is the other thing that Jimmy Gait did

When Jimmy Gait released Yesu Ndiye Sponsor, it ruffled quite a lot of feathers.

The public took offense at the use id the word ‘sponsor’ –a euphemism for older people, often men, who bankroll younger romantic interests in exchange of sexual favours has now become a catchphrase.

Gait argued that he did not use the term in the colloquial sense, instead saying that he used the dictionary meaning – one which he insists is biblical.

The Muhadhara singer spoke to several media outlets explaining his use of the word, adding that he was just doing what Jesus would do: using a contextual issue to preach the gospel.

In the middle of the social media storm ‘sponsored’ by his controvercial song, Gait dropped a new track dubbed Today.


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