Jim Iyke: Why I did not marry actress Rita Dominic


Top Nigerian actor Jim Iyke has revealed he did not settle down with renowned actress Rita Dominic because he felt she was “too mature” for him at a time he was young, vibrant and wanted to explore.

Speaking to Nigeria’s Broadway TV, Iyke said: “I was just beginning to embrace fame, the laurels, the distractions and even the destructions; Rita is not a woman that waits around for that growth.”

“I don’t think at that time, Rita was looking for longevity, don’t forget at that time I was with the afro, ready to fight anywhere, ready for as many conquests as possible, who wants that kind of guy?” posed Iyke.

Iyke said despite his combative, aggressive character back then, Rita was patient with him.

“She tried to show me that there was so much in me that I was experiencing. I tell you, Rita would not go out to hang out with an idler, but she told me that I was too intelligent to be giving people that part of me. For her, it was an eye for an eye; I’ll chase you down the street,” said Iyke.

The actor, nonetheless, has ruled out a possibility of settling down with Rita Dominic.

“I would not see Rita as the person I want to be with at the moment because so many layers have grown in our lives. We are much more like strangers than friends now. I don’t think she is a woman I’d love to marry. We come from the same circle, she knows too much of what I know and I know too much about her.

“You need that opposite attraction to be able to survive the way I live. I want to come and hear about your day not about what I already know; I want to learn from you, I need you to teach me new tricks,” said Iyke.

“You know how women are; I want someone different from my world, someone, that can bring me to order. I don’t need a drama queen; I want someone who can keep me on my toes. I don’t want someone with a life I can predict.”


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