Jilted Narok man hurls petrol bomb in girlfriend’s house, 4 women injured


Four middle-aged women are recuperating at a Narok health facility after sustaining burns caused by a petrol bomb hurled inside their single-room house by one of the victim’s boyfriend.

The incident happened at Serena Plaza Suswa Trading Center at 4am Monday.

It is alleged that Wilson Saruni, 35, had been dumped by his 30-year-old girlfriend, Winnie Chepkemboi, prompting the jilted lover to hatch a revenge plan.

Ms Chepkemboi, a mother of two children from previous relationships, cited violence as her reason for leaving Mr Saruni. The children stay with their maternal grandmother.

The suspect, a resident of Nkareta in Narok, had unsuccessfully tried reconciling with Ms Chepkemboi.

And early Monday – in a bid to exact revenge – Mr Saruni allegedly threw a petrol bomb inside a house Ms Chepkemboi shares with three other women namely Monica Nyambura, Nancy Chepkemoi and Diana Chepkemoi.

All the four women work as barmaids at a local bar called Viusasa pub.

According to a clinical officer at Cottage Hospital, where the women were taken, the victims sustained respiratory problems and damaged tissues as a result of inhaling smoke and being burned respectively.

“The patients are in a stable condition, and are currently on antibiotics and painkillers. We would remove bandages placed on them five days from today [Monday] and, thereafter, monitor their progress,” said John David a clinical officer at Cottage Hospital.

According to Ms Chepkemboi’s roommate, Monica Nyambura, she arrived home at 11pm Sunday and was awakened by a loud blast early Monday.

Ms Chepkemboi says her boyfriend, who works at a Narok hotel as a waiter, had earlier warned her against leaving him.

“He had – on several occasions – threatened to petrol-bomb me should I fail to allow him back into my life. I rejected his advances, nonetheless. He, however, kept on nagging [me] until he carried out his threat early Monday,” said Ms Chepkemboi.

Monica Nyambura, Ms Chepkemboi’s roommate, wondered why Mr Saruni would subject all of them to harm, yet he had an affair with Ms Chepkemboi only.

Nancy Chepkemoi, another of Ms Chepkemboi’s roommate, said she found small parts of a container, which the suspect used to carry petrol, in the room.

The suspect also placed boulders on the door of the house, said Ms Chepkemoi.

The incident was reported at Nerekia Police Station.

Police say they are looking for Mr Saruni.

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