Jilted lover: Don’t link me to Diamond, whatsoever


Until Kenya’s Tanasha Oketch came into the picture, many online users knew that Tanzania’s finest singer, Diamond Platnumz, was going to marry his compatriot and model Kim Nana.

This is after the musician’s mother, Sanura Kassim, told Tanzanian media that she had approved of Kim as Diamond’s partner.

A few weeks later, however, Diamond revealed that he was in love with Tanasha, with everyone wondering what happened to the musician’s relationship with Kim Nana.

When Tanzania’s “Global Publishers” reached Kim Nana for comment, she said she had had enough of online insults.

“Online users do not know how to keenly and critically follow stories revolving around certain people. All they know how to do is insult people. I am shocked that you are still linking me to Diamond. I wish to categorically state that I am not in a relationship with the singer. For now, I am running my life and he is also running his. That explains why he has publicly introduced his new lover. If I was his partner, he would have already told his fans that I am the woman in his life,” said Kim Nana.

Diamond and Tanasha, who had initially planned their wedding for February 14, have postponed it to a later date yet to be announced, with Diamond saying he needs more time to organise a grand ceremony, which will be attended by top entertainment acts, including Rick Ross.

Skeptics have, however, interpreted this move as an end to the relationship, which, a section of them believes, was entered into by the two parties to hype the musician’s December Wasafi shows in Kenya.

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