Jidenna and the ‘Kinyozi’ T-shirt: Meaning behind gesture


American rapper Jidenna on May 22 posed for a photo sporting a T-shirt with the writing ‘Kinyozi’ printed on it. Kinyozi is a Swahili to mean barber.

The superstar’s T-shirt was made by Kenya’s Kimathi Jamhuri Wear.

The maker took to Twitter to express his excitement at Jidenna’s gesture of wearing the shirt, and explained the reason behind the piece of art.

“I created this shirt to celebrate all the good work and service #Kinyozi’s (barbers) do all over Africa. It is great to see a sharp brother like @Jidenna show us so much support. So, who is your (barber) Kinyozi? #appreciateyourbarber,” said Kimathi.

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