Jicho Pevu’s Mohammed Ali hits back at Caroline Mutoko


Jicho Pevu’s Mohammed Ali has hit back at media personality Caroline Mutoko – who had in the past criticised him over what she termed “shameful” investigative piece that sought to unravel the cause of Jacob Juma’s death.

Caroline Mutoko in May, 2016 called out Mohammed Ali for revealing the name and face of the mysterious lady (Cheryl Kitonga) who was in the company of Jacob Juma at his apartment in Westlands, Brookside Drive shortly before he was killed on May 5.

“I watched Kaburi La Wazi – Mohammed Ali’s latest expose on Jacob Juma’s murder. And I don’t think I have ever been more disappointed with Moha. Mohammed, why? Why go to all that trouble to do a less than stellar job. But importantly, to undress and shame a twenty-something year-old girl who did nothing wrong!” said Caroline Mutoko in a video, titled: The Price of Shame, which she uploaded on her YouTube channel on Wednesday, May 25.

“You are willing to blur the taxi driver and everything else – but this girl who made a private decision to be with a grown up; that girl you hang out to dry? What was the value of what you did? It’s the most disappointing job you have ever done!

“Moha, shame on you! And you know how much time I have for you. But that was unwarranted. That young girl did not deserve to become the item of that expose you did.”

Mohammed Ali – who never responded to Ms Mutoko in May – has now clapped back urging the veteran media personality to understand better what comprises investigative journalism.

“Dear @CarolineMutoko please watch Kaburi La Wazi Part 2. Investigative journalism is not parroting. Tunaelewa feelings zako! (We understand what prompted your rant)”

Mutoko responded sarcastically, attaching a screen shot of trending topics on Twitter with the caption: “@MohaJichoPevu awww. Not trending are we? Looking for attention by trolling? Cute. There, there now… be good.”

Kaburi La Wazi Part Two aired on Monday, August 22 on KTN.




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