Jesus visits Judas in hell, and other strange happenings in The Devils Compound

Have you heard the story of Judas Iscariot, the biblical character who betrayed Jesus Christ for 30 pieces of silver?

Well, that epic betrayal forms the crux of Andy Ruri’s comical play, The Devil’s  Compound.

The curtains open, and the audience is thrust into the flaming pits of hell.

Screams of agony rent the air as Satan, called TD in the play, torments sinners, forcing them to pay dearly for the sins the committed while they walked the earth.

The protagonist, Jesus, appears in the Devil’s compound – supposedly after his shameful crucifixion in Golgotha – and he shows compassion for the sinners who are wasting away.

He challenges TD to a battle; the sinners’ souls would be handed over to the winner of the sing-off.

In a superb showcase of thespian mastery, the characters take you on an emotional journey, punctuated by well-scripted comical breaks.

Ruri, who doubles up as the playwright and director, also manages to satirically tackle serious issues such as corruption, family values, greed and hedonism.

The most captivating scene of the play reads like the page out of a Kenyan biopic as Judas advises Jesus to give TD “kitu kidogo” so that they can win the sing-off.

“Jesus if you want to win let us bribe TD. We should go back to earth and take the 30 silver coins which I buried . . .,” Judas tells Jesus.

By staging the devils compound, Andy proved that he is no longer a mere amateur unlike the first time when he showcased his first play The Home Coming in 2012, now he can comfortably sit among professional play right legends.

The Devils Compound premiered at Phoenix Theatre attracted the attention of various players in the theatre industry, including The First Grader star, Oliver Litondo.

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