JEROTICH: Men, refrain from these habits which completely turn us off

Many are the times we have heard men say that they do not understand women. Women are too complicated, is the phrase they use often.

But what if it is the other way round? What if men are the more complicated creatures? I mean, Steve Harvey had to write a whole book for women to understand the inner workings of a man.

He called it “Think like a man.” I was one of the first people to get the book because I needed to understand what men really want and why they behave the way they do.

As a lady, have you ever just looked at a man and wondered, does he do the things that he does out of lack of knowledge?

Or is that just “how men are”, as they say. There are those bad habits from men that just throw women off. I am absolutely sure that every single woman has experienced one of the following habits:

The statement: ‘Why are you overreacting?’

Have you ever been in a disagreement with your boyfriend and while you are arguing back and forth, he asks you why you are overreacting?

It does not matter what the argument was about, but the moment a woman hears that statement, the argument always gets escalated. Men always want women to be perceived as crazy people.

Also, how come almost all men use that phrase? Do men have some sort of a meeting where they come up with words to use on women?

Shifting attention to other women

Imagine talking to your boyfriend about a very important topic that interests you while at dinner and then right in the middle of the conversation, when you are at the peak of your conversation, he drifts his attention to another woman walking by.

This is a habit that men never seem to let go of. At least women have manners when it comes to such matters. You would not even know when a woman is admiring another man.

Admiring is not the problem; there is always that one girl who will always be prettier and smarter. The problem is the respect that a man accords to his woman when they are together.

Treating dates as a casual event

Dates are meant to be personal. They are meant to seal a connection between two people.

However, some men just do not seem to understand that notion. For one, some men go on dates while casually dressed.

One would not differentiate between him on the date and him while going to the supermarket. And yet, men want women to dress up on dates. Is it that women do not deserve to see good things?

Being forgetful of important dates

Women are emotional people and also very petty human beings. What may seem small to a man is of importance to a woman.

Men should never forget dates of events such as birthdays and anniversaries. Some men understand this notion and even go as far as setting the important dates on the phones so as to get reminders.

Saying: ‘I hate make-up’

We get it already! You do not like make-up! You say it all the time! All men are team natural! But then why date women who wear make-up? Is that not being hypocritical?

Also, women do not apply make-up to benefit the men, it is for their own benefit, and make-up makes women feel good and simply just adds on to the beauty that already exists!

Women do not need to keep hearing it all the time.

Acting lady-like

Who wants to be with a man who behaves almost exactly as she does?

Women want to be with real men. Why do you have long nails? Is the relationship a competition? Are we trying to see who between us can get the longest nails within the shortest time?

Also, why do you have skinny jeans? What body figure are you trying to display? When a man wears skinny jeans and the woman wears the same, while walking down a street, how do we know who to compliment? Of what benefit is the pair of skinny jeans?

Although we love them; and the world would probably not be the same without them, there are so many unanswered questions that men leave us with.

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