Jeff Koinange: Please come back Boniface Mwangi, I am sorry

Talk show host Jeff Koinange has eaten humble pie and apologized to vocal human rights activist Boniface Mwangi following the drama that ensued on his Jeff Koinange Live show on Wednesday, November 2 leading to Bonnie storming out of the show.

During the opening of his “Inspiration Thursday” show, Koinange invited Bonnie for a full one-hour uninterrupted interview on his show – promising that no one would ‘walk in’ this time as they had taken the necessary security measures.

“Before we get to my guest for tonight, I have something to say about last night’s show –and in particular to Boniface Mwangi. If you are listening or someone is listening, please tell him I owe you an hour of an uninterrupted television,” Koinange stated.

Koinange further went ahead to thank Bonnie for his new book ‘Boniface Mwangi: Unbounded’, promising to give him a copy of his own book ‘Through My African eyes.’

Earlier on Wednesday Mr. Mwangi had staged a dramatic exit from Koinange’s show just moments after Gatundu South MP Moses Kuria made a ‘surprise’ visit to the Jeff Koinange Live set.

Mwangi was not particularly amused saying, he cannot share the table with people who have been accused of vilifying the country – in reference to Moses Kuria’s hate speech allegations.

Moses Kuria later on in an exclusive interview with eDaily termed Mwangi’s action of walking out as ‘cowardly’ saying that he was not done with the activist threatening to expose him as a fraud.

Over to you Bonnie. Over to you.

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