Jeff Koinange finally addresses Kenyans on controversial Miguna-Passaris interview, ends contract with KTN

Celebrated media personality Jeff Koinange has apologised to Kenyans following controversial interview that featured Nairobi gubernatorial hopefuls Esther Passaris and Miguna Miguna on Wednesday, November 16.

Speaking on JKL’s Inspirational Thursday, on November 24, Jeff Koinange said he owns up to where he fell short in moderating Miguna-Passaris interview – and following the controversial interview he’s decided to end his contract with KTN, which has aired the programme every Wednesday and Thursday for the past three years.

“About a week ago right here on JKL we had a programme that degenerated to something extremely ugly. People out there probably thought I should have done a better job in controlling my guests, I agree. But in a live television programme, it is always difficult. I agree. I am man enough to man up today (Thursday, November 24).

“And if there is anyone who was aggrieved by that show (Miguna-Passaris interview); and one who felt that it wasn’t up to par or I did not do a good job, I apologise so that we can move on. It was regrettable, but again it was one show – the 300th that we’ve done with KTN in the last three years. If there is one or two (that sparked controversy) then it was regrettable, and we apologise.

“And having said that, this will be the final Jeff Koinange Live – right here on KTN. But rest assured all of you watching tonight, Jeff Koinange Live will be back on another station in the coming weeks. JKL is not going anywhere, it is just changing homes,” said Jeff Koinange.

This decision reached by KTN and show host Jeff Koinange comes a week after Kenyans took to Twitter to fault Jeff Koinange for failing to steer the show back to sanity when it became eminent it was taking a messy direction.

@Ngwata_ said: “Jeff (Koinange) tolerating a rape joke and sexist comments from Miguna towards Passaris on his show is totally poignant.”

@Ekisiangani wrote: “Jeff Koinange should stop conducting shows in which participants insult each other using vulgar language. How can the nation watch such shows!”

@Maingiwaweru observed: “I always thought TV/Radio shows have their own rules and regulations. How embarrassing to watch @EstherPassaris (being) humilitated.”

Miguna Miguna – the genesis of the outrage – was not spared the wrath of Kenyans when he made lewd comments toward Esther Passaris.

“You are so beautiful, everybody wants to rape you,” Miguna said.

And an awkward silence followed when host Jeff Koinange read out a tweet from a user urging Miguna and Passaris “to get a room already.”

Jeff, however, attempted to steer the conversation back to sanity when he chimed in, saying: “Can we get back to the issues.”

Jeff’s effort to stamp authority as host did little to change the nature of conversation as Miguna went on to claim that Passaris had said she would ‘take a sex holiday in 2008 if Raila Odinga was declared president.’

Playing down Miguna’s allegations, Passaris said: “He is so full of rumours and rumours and rumours. I feel he has no respect for women; and 50 percent of voters in the city are women.”

But Miguna would retaliate that Passaris is “selling beauty and she is nothing but a flower girl.”

It is that show which saw different social movements and bodies like FIDA chiming in to express their dissatisfaction with show host Jeff Koinange and the broadcaster.

Standard Group Digital Editor David Ohito on Monday, November 21, said Jeff Koinange was not part of the media house’s staff following concerns raised over the controversial Miguna-Passris interview.

Speaking on NTV’s Press Pass, Mr Ohito said that Jeff had been contracted by KTN and Standard Group was not liable for any of his actions.

“I want to clarify again that Jeff Koinange is not in the ranked file of the staff of the Standard Group. But the management has taken a decision which it will be following administratively,” Mr Ohito said.

Mr Ohito said that the Standard Group had issued an apology to the concerned parties and had brought down the content on their online platforms.




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