Jealous Wema Sepetu descends on ex-boyfriend with slaps at concert


Jealousy got the better of Tanzanian actress Wema Sepetu on Monday night, when she bumped into her ex-boyfriend known as Chaz Baba at a concert in Dar es Salaam.

According to Chaz Baba, who is a musician, the Miss Tanzania 2006 inquired why he was allowing another woman – his baby mama Husna Idd aka Sajenti – to post his pictures on her social media pages.

“I asked her: ‘What’s the problem with that? I, thereafter, told her that I have a right to be with whomever I wish; and that she shouldn’t prescribe for me the people I should relate with, given she is not my lover,” Chaz Baba told Tanzania’s Risasi Mchanganyiko.

“Immediately after completing that statement, I was shocked she descended on me with slaps. [My friend] Kalala, who was in the vicinity, whisked her away. Honestly, I absorbed the slaps because Wema Sepetu is a woman. Otherwise, I would have retaliated with an equal or a superior force,” said Chaz Baba.

The incident happened outside Legend Bar and Club in Dar es Salaam, where Chaz Baba and his ‘Twanga Pepeta’ band had gone to perform.

Chaz Baba was on his way out of the nightspot, when Wema, who had attended the concert, approached and asked him why he was allowing his baby mama, Sajenti, to post his pictures on social networking sites.

When Wema Sepetu was confronted by Risasi Mchanganyiko journalists seeking to find out why she assaulted Chaz Baba, the former beauty queen said she had “no comment”.

Wema Sepetu, who is a committee member of Chaz Baba’s Twanga Pepeta band, was helping in organising the music group’s 20th anniversary celebrations slated for September 28. On the same date, Wema Sepetu will be celebrating her 30th birthday.

Chaz Baba clarified he has not gotten back together with Wema Sepetu, and that he has no intimate relationship with his baby mama, Sajenti. Chaz Baba says Sajenti only posted his pictures to social media to celebrate him as a co-parent.

Chaz Baba and Wema Sepetu dated before she started a relationship with musician Diamond Platnumz in 2012.

In a 2015 interview on Clouds FM’s “U-Heard” programme, Wema Sepetu revealed that, of the men she had dated, only Chaz Baba was “mature”.


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