JB Masanduku: I engaged Tina Kagia after 11 days; I should have waited


Comedian Nathan Kimani, popularly known as JB Masanduku, has revealed that he rushed things with his ex-wife Tina Kagia, leading to a turbulent marriage, which ended in early 2016.

JB Masanduku made that revelation during a recent interview with Radio Jambo’s Massawe Japanni.

“I engaged Tina after 11 days of knowing each other,” he said.

Masanduku told Ms Japanni that he first met Ms Kagia in 2013, when he had gone to do a voice test at Radio Jambo.

“We started dating as a joke, and even wrote on social media. We received backlash, of course, and finally we said we needed to make everything official. We went to her parents and held our wedding [in October, 2013], despite Tina being seven years older than me,” said Masanduku.

Masanduku and Tina’s wedding vows were exchanged at the Attorney General’s chambers. A few family members and friends attended the function.

“We spent three years in marriage and got two children together, but our marriage did not work. I am legally divorced, although at first we had agreed to do it privately without involving the court and the public. Then one day, I received a call from people asking to give me some job as an MC, which I agreed.

“They tricked into meeting them so that I could sign papers for the job. When I met the person, I found out it was her Ms Kagia’s lawyer and a police officer. They served me with the divorce letter. The divorce was later granted after I had attended several mentions,” said Masanduku.

The humorist says he has moved on, and is planning to settle down with a new woman, soon.

“I am in a good relationship, in which we are very open, unlike I was in my previous marriage,” Masanduku told Ms Japanni.

Ms Kagia accused Masanduku of never being there for the family, when she and the children needed him most.

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