Janet Kanini Ikua’s advice to couples, especially those battling cancer

One year after doctors gave her just six months to live following a stage four lung cancer diagnosis, former TV host Janet Kanini Ikua is living cancer free, and she has taken to social media to celebrate this milestone.

Ikua, whose challenging health journey began in April 2015 when she was diagnosed with deep vein thrombosis (DVT), was in September of the same year told that she had an unidentified mass in her chest.

The mass tested positive for cancer. Worse still, the cancer had spread to other parts of her body, gravely reducing her chances for survival. Through a battery of medical treatments, Ikua miraculously survived.

While she credits God for her healing, the mother of two says that she could not have made it without the support of her loving husband.

The journey to healing has, however, not been an easy one.

“It makes you question your faith. It makes you too exhausted to pray. It makes you cry, a lot. It breaks down a man, makes him scared, causes him to be angry at the world because he isn’t the strong jogoo of the home that society expects him to be,” she wrote.

The burden weighs heavily on the patient, but their family suffers as well – especially spouses.

To those whose spouses are battling cancer, Janet Kanini Ikua had this to say: “I know that this journey is hard for spouses. Please don’t abandon your husband or wife in their time of need. Remember your vows – ‘For better or worse, in sickness and in health, in poverty and wealth, till death do you part’.”

The former TV host went on to encourage her fans to embrace healthy lifestyles, especially through consumption of fresh natural food.

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