Jalang’o on the receiving end for ‘distasteful’ post triggered by Ivy Wangechi incident


Milele FM radio presenter Jalang’o has made the hackles of a section of online users to rise.

This is after the radio host-cum-comedian warned a section of women that they should prepare for whichever consequences should they continue receiving gifts, material possessions and money from men that they are not sincerely in love with.

Jalang’o made his school of thought known through an Instagram post Thursday.

Following heavy backlash, the radio host deleted the post, but not before online users took screenshots.

Below is what Jalang’o said:

“I think it is time we became honest with each other. Too many young beautiful girls are dying some of the saddest deaths you cannot wish for someone’s daughter. It is time we discussed this issue.

“Rule [number] one: No man gives a woman anything for free. Yes, I said it. Men, can we tell them this? [Girls], even your dad takes you to school so that at old age; and when he cannot provide for himself, he will depend on you.

“Therefore, my sister, before you take money from any man, ask them what they want in return. If you can’t offer what they want, return it. [It is] simple – do not promise what you cannot deliver.

“People work so hard to get money, my sister.  Do not exchange lies for a man’s hard-earned money.

“My daughter, if you decide to live [a lifestyle] which is beyond your parents’ provision ability, then be ready to pay the price that the person financing your lifestyle would ask.

“Men are born [as] investors, and when they invest in you, they expect returns. If you cannot give the returns [they are expecting], then just live the lifestyle that your parents can afford.

“My daughter, men have feelings, and when you make promises to them, they would expect those promises to be fulfilled. Before you take anyone’s money and gifts; before he pays your school fees and rent; before you hope onto a plane for [an overseas] trip; before you wear the latest Gucci dress [he bought you]; before you carry that David Jones bag [he gifted you with], ask him what he wants… If you can give [him] what he wants, go ahead [and enjoy their hard-earned money].”

Kiss FM radio presenter Adelle Onyango led the camp of those angered by Jalang’o’s statement.

Below is Adelle’s post directed at Jalang’o:

“The time has come for men to realise you cannot grab girls, you cannot use girls, girls do not exist for your excitement and pleasure, we are not your play-things.

“Have honest conversations because I guarantee you, your daughters are not the problem! If my son knows what [is] right, it doesn’t matter if she walks by naked; if my sons know what’s right, he will fight for equal pay, equal rights and equal opportunities, if my son knows what is right, my daughter can be out till 10 pm. If my sons know what’s right, we live in a society as equals.⁣⁣⁣

⁣⁣⁣“The fact that you @jalangoo are asking women, to develop defense mechanisms for masculine behavior is just ludicrous! Can you not see that? Why can it not be for once in my lifetime, that men need to do better?⁣⁣⁣

“Why not urge men to meet and band together, call out those with criminal behaviours, hold each other accountable? Instead of always advising women to band together and guide us on how to be safe? If men act better there is no need for this!

“We are forever accommodating your actions, your urges, your needs and trying to survive in a man’s world. If you have ever wondered why we fight so hard for gender equality, this is why: A woman gets murdered and yet it’s the women who need to do better and do more to avoid being murdered… Jalango, your post will make you unpopular, because are you actually serious?”

Jalang’o’s comments came following the killing of Moi University medicine student, Ivy Wangechi, by a 28-year-old man, Naftali Kinuthia, who claimed he sent Ms Wangechi money on several occasions but she couldn’t reciprocate the love he showed her.

The radio host’s remarks, a section of online users argued, weren’t different from what Homeboyz presenter, Didge, said on his Mtaani show last Tuesday – that Ms Wangechi “died because she wasn’t loyal”.

Didge, who was consequently suspended from Homeboyz Radio, has since come out to apologise over the remarks, saying he regrets making the statement.

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