Jaguar touches life of man living with disability

Kenyan singer and NACADA board member, Jaguar, on Tuesday touched the life of a man living with disability, when he donated a wheelchair to him on his way to his office in Nairobi.

Jaguar, via an Instagram post, said he was fulfilled “to place the man, namely James Kafwa, at a better place”.

Read his full post below:

“Today (Tuesday, March 7) as I headed up to my office at NACADA, I passed an elderly man struggling to get down the stairs as he left the NSSF building.

“I had passed him by a few steps but a voice within my conscience made me stop. I walked back to him. He told me His name was James Kafwa a cobler from Eastleigh. I immediately asked him if he had an aid or a wheelchair. He told me he couldn’t afford a wheelchair or a personal aid to assist him as they’d normally ask for payment.

“He went on to say that all he needed to get around conveniently was a wheelchair.

“To me this wasn’t just a coincidence. It made me reflect on the blessings I have. All I could do for him at the moment was to place him at a better place than where I found him,” said Jaguar.

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