Jacqueline Wolper: Why I dumped Diamond Platnumz crony


Tanzanian actress Jacqueline Wolper has officially confirmed her split from her singer compatriot, Harmonize – who is a close friend of the country’s musical bigwig Diamond Platnumz.

Speaking to Tanzania’s Global Publishers, Wolper said she dumped the Matatizo hit-maker because he “wronged and demeaned me”.

“I wronged him; he wronged me, and wronged me again. I won’t speak out on the particular wrongs we committed. But we are no longer together.

“You know in matters relationship, partners often fall out. We differed severally, but eventually agreed to go our separate ways.

“When we were dating, none of us cheated on the other. Though, it could be possible either of us cheated, but we chose to forgive and move on. For me, it is easy to forgive an unfaithful man but not one who hardly respects what I stand for, regardless how petty it could be.

“When I feel you are demeaning me, I opt out. I always underscore the things – or habits – that I detest to the man I am entering into a relationship with. When I notice you don’t take seriously what I’m saying, then my mind will tell me that that is your habit – and so, that is you.

“I do not remember the last time I spoke with Harmonize, but what I remember is he texted me: ‘I am sorry’. I haven’t forgiven him, and I am not going to reply to his text,” Wolper said.

Wolper says she “does not regret dumping Harmonize because I am used to heartbreaks”.

“He met me when I had a name – Wolper – and we’ve gone separate ways when I am still Wolper. Our break up would only have been a serious issue if he met me when I was Fatuma and worked hard toward raising my profile to the Wolper I am today.”

News about Wolper-Harmonize break up surfaced early last month on Instagram, but neither had officially confirmed the split, until Wolper’s recent interview.

The two started dating in May, 2016.


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