Jacque Maribe speechless live on air after proposal question pops up – VIDEO

Citizen Television news anchor-cum-reporter Jacque Maribe remains tight-lipped about the lucky man in her life.

Ms Maribe, who presented Citizen Extra news on Thursday, July 5, spectacularly avoided revealing much about her fiancé, Joe Jowi. She, instead, found herself blushing incessantly.

Jacque Maribe accepted Mr Jowi’s marriage proposal last Saturday (June 30) in Nairobi.

“On Monday, July 2, I carried [on Citizen Extra Trends and Entertainment] the piece about your marriage proposal; and the then-host, Sam Gituku, asked me a very interesting question – that how do I know that the most confusing moment for a woman is when she is being proposed to, yet I am not a lady? [I did not have an answer]. And now, I am seeking a response from you [Ms Maribe]; were you confused while being proposed to?” Brian Okoth, the Citizen Extra Trends host, posed.

A now-heavily blushing Ms Maribe did not have a response to the question, instead urging Mr Okoth to proceed and present other entertainment news making headlines for the day.

Ms Maribe says her wedding will be held “soon”, though she won’t reveal, to the public, the date she and Mr Jowi have settled on.


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