Jacob Juma’s brother refutes clan’s claim that they’ll perform rituals on the slain businessman


The elder brother of Jacob Juma – Francis Juma – has refuted claims that the family of the late businessman will bury him with a torch and knife according to Luhya customary rites.

Grisham Juma – the late Jacob Juma’s relative – had earlier said Batura clan elders are set to conduct the traditional rituals to avenge Juma’s brutal killing.

Grisham had indicated the family of the late Juma will lay him to rest according to Luhya customary rites – rites that demand such kind of a send-off for a prominent man whose life was cut short by slayers.

“The purpose of the torch is to help Juma hunt for his killers any time of day or night. The torch will be put in the casket while it is lit; and the day it switches off, a million deeds shall follow his killers – including running mad, dying in an accident or in any other bad manner,” Daniel Wanjala, a member of the Luhya community, told eDaily.

“And the knife – once Juma uses the torch to find his killers – he will use it to avenge his death; despite his assassins using other forms of weapon on him,” added Mr Wanjala.

However, it now emerges that the rituals will not be conducted because Juma’s family is founded on Christianity, says Francis Juma.

Francis says that Juma will be buried the Christian way – according to Anglican tradition.

The elder brother of the slain businessman says plans are underway to pitch tents and prepare Juma’s graveyard.

Irene Juma, the mother of Jacob Juma, says she has left her son’s murder to God.

The Batura elders, led by Abraham, have backed out of the plans to bury Jacob Juma with a knife and a torch.

Jacob Juma was shot dead on Thursday, May 5 by unknown gunmen in Nairobi near Lenana School.

He will be laid to rest at Mungore village, Khasoko area of Bumula Constituency on Saturday, May 14.

On Thursday, May 12 a requiem mass was held at the All Saints Cathedral at 10:00am. This was followed by a public viewing of the body in Uhuru Park, Nairobi at 12:00 noon that was attended by CORD principals.

On Friday, May 13 the late Jacob Juma’s remains will depart for Kakamega Airstrip at 9:00am and a public viewing will be held at Masinde Muliro Gardens at 10:00am.

The body will at 11:30am be flown to Bungoma for public viewing at Kanduyi Stadium Bungoma.

The body will then be driven to the Late Juma’s family home in Mungore village, Khasoko area of Bumula Constituency, Bungoma County. The body will lie in state at his home on Friday night.

On Saturday, May 14 Jacob Juma’s funeral service will begin at 9:00am and end at 2pm.


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