Is skinny shaming a thing? Here’s the gospel according to Huddah Monroe

By Ann Wambui Kamau

Controversial Kenyan socialite Huddah Monroe on Tuesday stirred the Twitter nest after remarks she made on her Instagram stories went viral.

According to the socialite-turned-businesswoman, it is not okay to refer to “skinny” girls as so and yet address “fat” girls as “thick”.

All hell broke loose when the Huddah Cosmetics Founder and CEO went on the social media platform and posted this:

The remarks were presumably in response to an an American singer who had described herself as thick.

But Huddah was having none of it, going on a long rant calling people out for what she termed as double standards.

Her reasoning? “You are either skinny or fat! Period! That’s just the reality! Keep it moving,” she said.

What however sparked intense fumes and rubbed Kenyans On Twitter (KOT) the wrong way were remarks in which she insinuated that being plus size ultimately means one is on a poor diet, further going ahead to call them elephants.

The remarks shot Huddah to the top of the Twitter trend, with a section of KOT criticisng her and yet another faction lining up to her defense.

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