Is Otile Brown’s life in danger?

Musician Otile Brown has come out to reveal that someone, most probably a concert promoter, is threatening him.

Otile, who is arguably the most sought after artist in the country currently, took to Instagram to announce the news to his followers.

According to him, the unnamed individual is reportedly threatening him because he was shut down by Otile’s manager for being unprofessional.

“…someone is threatening me coz my manager hanged up on him after his team tried to pull a stunt on us being so unprofessional,” wrote Otile.

The Wembe hitmaker further advised Kenyan artists to “just wake up” and make sure their art is respected by not accepting “to be paid peanuts and be treated like nothing in the name of “we’ll give you more gigs.”

“I work so hard you are going to respect my grind,” added Otile.

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