Inmates receive tablets at the Naivasha GK prison

Prisoners  at the  Naivasha GK Prison are full of Joy after the institution’s ICT department received 33 tablets on Wednesday 8th June. 


The gadgets were introduced as pilot project and are expected to raise education standards in the rehabilitation center.


In a short video clip, the inmates appear amused as they are shown how to operate the gadgets.


They said the tablets will make their work easier and enjoyable and thereby improve their academic performance.


Instructors in the facility welcomed the move saying it is going to make a big difference in the education sector.


The Director of rehabilitation Naivasha Prison, Mary Khaemba expressed his hope in the project adding that it will help get other donors.


“We want to give them the best and I believe that being a pilot project it is going to make a very big difference and it is going to make other people appreciate this and will help get other donors.” Ms Khaemba said.


Ms Khaemba’s remarks were echoed by the officer in charge of the prison, Patrick Mwenda, who described the move as a big boost to the education sector.


Naivasha GK prison is the first correction facility in the region to introduce the technological tablets as part of the ongoing reforms in education.

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