I’m getting tired of his hide and seek game, Vivian tells future hubby…read the tell all letter here

Stunning Kenyan songstress Vivian has penned a tell-all letter to her future husband, saying that she is tired of playing “hide and seek” with him.

In the nearly 400 word missive, the Woman in Love singer says she is tired of being hurt by the wrong men, adding that she is anxious to meet ‘The One’.

In case a guy thinks he fits the bill, Vivian gives a few pointers about the traits that she would like her future husband to have. While the list features the usual – god-fearing, kind and caring – she had also listed an odd skill: superb pancake making skills.

Want to know what else Vivian would like her future hubby to have? Take a look at the letter she wrote him.

Dear Future Husband,

I’m getting real tired of this hide and seek game, I think it’s about time you find me.

Here is a few things you got to know if you want to be my one and only in my life.

First you must be able to make pancakes. This is not negotiable. I love pancakes.

Second you must be good in hugs. I love hugs.

Third you can’t shrub the word “beautiful” as you will be using that word a lot telling me how beautiful I am every morning.

Words like “I’m sorry” must come naturally to you, you will be using them a lot after we fight.

Fifth you must be ready to laugh at my jokes, whether funny or dry.

Away from the crazy rules, please Find God, Find Yourself then come find me.

You don’t have to drive any BMW or Mercedez to be handsome. I just need a God fearing man. That’s what I find handsome. You don’t have to be rich, a kind heart is more than enough for me. You must promise to give me full attention, respect and honour.

I want to fall in love with you from the moment I see you. I want to see in you every hope, every desire and every dream I have ever had of my soul mate.

I want to fall in love with everything about you from how you sip your coffee to the way you crinkle your nose. I want to go on long drives and long walks with you and just spend hours talking endlessly.

I want to cook for you and pamper you like a baby. I want to read out poems to you and dance to my songs for you. I want to share all my dreams and fantasies with you and promise to stand right next to you during good and bad days.

I want to grow old with you so that we can tell our love story to our grandchildren. I want us to be spiritually and emotionally connected to each other’s souls till eternity and beyond.

 I am living this dream and waiting to meet you. I know God is preparing you for me. Please hurry up, I am tired of being hurt by the wrong ones.

Your Future wife Vivian

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