I’ll sponsor Jaguar’s English lessons, says Prezzo

Controversial Kenyan rapper Prezzo has blasted Jaguar, saying he will only accept his rehabilitation offer if the Kioo star first agrees to polish his English.

Reciprocating Jaguar’s ‘kindness’, Prezzo has offered to foot the bill for the language classes.

“Tell that clown (Jaguar) I’ll go to rehab once he goes for English classes; scholarship Makini School,” wrote Prezzo on Twitter.

His tweet comes in response to Jaguar’s Saturday Facebook post where the Kigeugeu singer offered Prezzo free rehabilitation treatment, adding that he (Jaguar) had no time to respond to snide remarks made about him during a TV interview.

The beef between the two was instigated when Prezzo claimed that he doesn’t know who Jaguar is after he was asked by TV host Betty Kyallo about their fall out.

He implied that he only found out about Jaguar when he saw him in a picture with President Uhuru Kenyatta.

Jaguar consequently took to his social media pages, and wrote:

A lot of people have asked that I respond to @prezzo254. If it were five years ago, I would have made time to beef around with him. As a director at Nacada, I am busy addressing issues affecting the youth in our country. What Prezzo is going through is what we are fighting. The best I can do is offer him a complimentary at one of our rehabilitation facilities in Nairobi or Mombasa. He’s free to choose where he prefers to go.”

Prezzo has been trending on Twitter following his ‘improper conduct’ during the Friday night interview. His behaviour left a bad taste in the mouth of his fans and the station’s viewers.

Nonetheless, the most appalled person was Betty Kyalo’s husband, Dennis Okari. After finding out about Prezzo’s antics, a disgusted Okari took to social media to express his disappointment.

“…That kid (Prezzo) didn’t deserve that stage… It always puzzles me why some artists come live on TV drunk. A free prime time opportunity thousands would die for. Despicable,” said Okari.

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