Fire on the mountain: Idris Sultan locked out of Sepetu’s party


Idris Sultan was locked out of the birthday party of Wema Sepetu’s mother Mariam Sepetu, says Ijumaa.

Mr Sultan, the on and off boyfriend of Tanzanian actress and beauty queen Wema Sepetu, had earlier denied having set foot in the party’s venue in Masaki, Dar es Salaam.

It however emerges that the Choice FM presenter was denied entry into the bash as Wema Sepetu was reportedly in the company of another wealthy man identified only as Mkongo.

A source close to Wema Sepetu told the outlet that Mkongo, time and again, showers the former Miss Tanzania 2006 with loads of cash.

When Idris Sultan – who according to sources was invited to the party – arrived at the venue, he was denied entry through the gate as he was ostensibly going to become a turd in the punch bowl.

“Wema Sepetu was in the company of Mkongo. So, when Idris Sultan arrived at the gate he was shocked to be told he won’t be allowed to get in. It is Madam (Wema) who gave the order to bar Idris’s entry into the hall. She (Wema) had told Idris they’ll meet later at a hotel room,” a source told Ijumaa.

“It seems Wema did not want the two men to meet face to face and cause an altercation. So, she had to play her game like Pele (legendary Brazilian footballer) – just to make sure Idris does not gain entry into the hall,” said the source.

“Idris who was in the process of parking his car just made a turn and sped off.”

It is reported that even after the party ended, Wema did not meet Idris. It is alleged that she went with Mkongo to New Maisha Club in Dar es Salaam and spent the night through dawn.

Wema and Idris are yet to comment on these claims.

The couple was however seen to be in good terms when they were spotted together at Lady Jaydee’s Naamka Tena Concert held at Milimani city on Friday, May 20.



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