I wouldn’t know what to do if I lost you, Brown tells Rihanna after Nice massacre


Multi-platinum award winner Rihanna was in the middle of dinner at a restaurant in the city of Nice, France when she learned that 84 people were brutally killed by the Islamic State group Thursday, July 14.

Rihanna was just 20 minutes away from the scene of incident. Pictures obtained by TMZ show Ri extremely tensed.

Although she was safe, Chris Brown was frantic. A source told HollywoodLife.com exclusively that Brown made a desperate call to ascertain Rihanna was okay.

“Breezy and Ri haven’t been talking as often because they’re both on the road touring but the minute he heard about what was going on in Nice he started dialing and texting,” an insider told the outlet.

“He hit her up the minute he heard the awful news but he couldn’t get her and he was frantic,” the insider continued. “He thought the worst had happened. He lit up his first cigarette in days because he was nervous. About an hour or so later, Ri called him and told him she was good and he was so relieved.”

We can only imagine how happy Brown was to hear Rihanna’s voice after that kind of scare. He actually let the Rehab hit-maker know.

“He told her he wouldn’t know what to do if he lost her,” said the source. “She was grateful he called and shortly after Chris walked away from his boys to talk to her privately. Whatever they were talking about sounded good to Chris’ ears because the boy was smiling like he’d just hit the jackpot.”

Apparently, Chris wasn’t the only caller; Drake also reached out to the Work hit-maker. He called and texted incessantly, a source told HollywoodLife.com.

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