I would never fight an Italian: Eric Omondi


Comedian Eric Omondi says a recent video showing him publicly wrangling with his fiancée Chantal Grazioli was implementation of an advert script.

The video, which has since gone viral, showed Chantal accusing the comic star of sending airtime to multiple women before making a dramatic exit.

In an exclusive interview with eDaily Tuesday, Omondi said the video was secretly shot nine months ago by someone he does not know.

“I don’t know who was secretly shooting the video. Yes, we differed publicly (in February, 2016), but we mended our fences barely two days later,” Eric Omondi said, adding: “No, I did not cheat (on Chantal). It was just a case of misunderstanding.”

Contradicting the above revelation Wednesday, Omondi said the video was an outcome of a script. Confusing right?

In an Instagram video post Wednesday, Omondi is seen seated next to his fiancé and another unidentified man while narrating how he had received numerous calls from his loved ones, including his landlord in regards to the video.

“I would never ever fight an Italian. Don’t try it at home don’t do it,” he said.

He then went ahead and presented Chantal with three bouquets of roses and chocolate before fully explaining what the whole video was about.


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