I will sleep in the bar drinking, says Tanzania’s Mr. Nice

Tanzanian musician, Mr. Nice, has told off those who are critising him for overindulging in alcohol saying that he will drink as much as his wants, and he will even sleep at the bar.

Mr. Nice, whose real name is Lucas Mkenda, was once named East Africa’s richest artiste. The former chart topper has now refuted claims that he is bankrupt because of staying out of the game for long.

Speaking to East Africa Television’s Planet Bongo, the Kindalipo star said, “Ndio nalewa sana, Nalala bar, sababu I have money! Ni pesa zangu nakunywa bia zakutosha kwa sababu ya pesa yangu.”

(Translation: That’s why am getting drunk a lot, because I have money! It’s my money so I drink all the beer I want because of my money.)

Malicious food poisoning

Mr. Nice was rushed to Kahama Hospital in Shinyanga, Tanzania on September 8 after an intense case of food poisoning.

According to the singer, people who were unhappy about the party he was campaigning for in the recent concluded Tanzanian general elections poisoned him.

“Political campaigns are just a passing thing; we should know life continues after election. It’s very unfortunate my affiliation in politics landed me in hospital,” Mr. Nice wrote on social media after his condition stabilized.

The bongo artiste also thanked his family and friends for saving his life, adding that were it not for their efforts, he could be dead and buried.

“God is very faithful. Because he does what He wants, when He wants and there is none other above Him. The poisoned food I had been given would have marked today, 14/9/2015, the day from which Tanzanians would address me very differently, especially by elongating my name to include (The Late/ Deceased),” read the post.

“But Jesus of Nazareth, My mother and father stood firm and gave me a reason to breathe well, until today when I was able to write this SMS with my very own hands again,” he added.

He concluded the post by thanking those who have stood with him since his hospitalization.

“I have been in hospital for two weeks now since the Monday before last. I thank my family, the doctors who fought to save my life, my elder friend James Lembeli (Kahama), relatives and all the friends who fought for my life,” he intimated.

Fellow East African legendary Ugandan singer Dr. Jose Chameleone also disclosed that he was ‘disturbed’ by Mr. Nice’s condition.

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Taking to his official Facebook page, Chameleone wrote: “Lucas Mkenda ‘Mr Nice’, I love, pray and believe that God will see you through. I have been informed about your illness. I care; I am so disturbed by how you are. I ask Allah to keep you alive as a great African son.”

The Fagilia hit-maker rose to popularity in the early 2000’s and was taken under the wing of Grandpa records where he released songs like Chali wa Kibera and Tafuta with DNA.

However, rumors had it that he was dropped because he had breached the contract by signing with another record label, Sallam Sharaf & Lamar in Bongo Tanzania.

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