I wasn’t too good, really? Kush Tracey claps back at Timmy


Popular Kenyan rapper Kush Tracey, born Teresia Ndoti Wambui, has clapped back at his ex-boyfriend Timmy T-Dat who sensationally claimed that his family did not approve of Tracey’s mannerism.

In an earlier interview on Standard Digital, Timmy divulged that his parents “hated the way she (Tracey) carried herself while in the limelight, her dress code and language.”

In a spirited yet furious rejoinder, Huwezi Nidandia hit-maker Kush Tracey said: “I don’t care what Timmy says. I am happy where I am, and his statement is purely propaganda.”

Asked if she has moved on, and whether there is a new man in her life, Tracey – almost immediately – said: “Yes I am over him (Timmy); but no, I am not dating! My main priority is doing quality music.”

The ex-couple’s love affair became vivid after they were involved in a nearly-fatal accident at Ongata Rongai early April, 2016. They were headed home from a performance in Thika town.

Timmy and Kush Tracey broke up in June, 2016 after the Welle Welle star accused her of playing the field with a local politician.

Details, however, later emerged that the cause of their break up was an alleged physical assault on Tracey by Timmy outside a Nairobi club.

“I am currently working on my new project which will be out before the end of September, 2016,” she told eDaily on phone before hanging up.

Story by Eddy Ashioya.



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