‘I want a man who will send me Ksh.50K daily,’ single Kenyan woman announces

An undated video of a Kenyan woman who took to a TV dating show to announce to the world the kind of financial stability she expects from a prospective better half has shocked netizens.

The woman, only identified as Mumbi in the show, rejects a man presented to her as a prospective lover for being below her class.

“I need a guy who will spend money on me, is that too much to ask?” Says Mumbi on StarTimes Kenya’s dating show, ‘Hello Mr. Right.’

On being asked by Dr. Ofweneke, one of the show co-hosts, how much she would like her man to send her in a month, Mumbi – without batting an eye lid – says, “Ksh.50,000”, much to the shock of the audience.

The man she had initially rejected then chimes in saying, “Even Ksh.50 for airtime daily I cannot send you.”

Rinah, another single woman in the panel also looking for a prospective lover and seemingly exasperated by Mumbi’s demands, on her part asks her, “Do you have a man who sends you that Ksh.50,000 daily?”

Mumbi replies with, “No, I’m single, that’s why I’m here and I’m searching.” Rinah then asks her, “And you think you’ll find a guy who will send you Ksh.50,000 a day?” to which Mumbi, with a tone of finality, responds, “I bet I will, watch this…”

The woman’s remarks have since drawn mixed reactions from Kenyans online, with many of them slamming her for being too demanding:

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