I think my death is soon approaching – Model Wema Sepetu

Popular actress and Miss Tanzania 2006, Wema Isaac Sepetu, has posted a worrying message on her official Instagram page saying she ‘thinks her death is soon approaching’.

Wema on Wednesday, November 18, took to the social media platform to remind her followers that there’s death, and that they should have that at the back of their minds.

“Kumbuka kwamba kuna kifo… Iko siku utaitwa marehemu. Put that in your head… I’m thinking my day is soon… Alhamdudillah for everything though… (Translation: Remember there’s death. There’s a day you will be referred to as ‘the late’.  Have that in your mind. I’m thinking my day is soon approaching. I thank God for everything though.”

This post by the film beauty has troubled her many fans; with sections speculating what could have prompted Wema to say so.

One Radhia Rahman thinks the differences between Wema and fellow actress, Kajala ‘Kay’ Masanja, is weighing her down.

She posted: “I love you Wema the same way I love Kajala; kindly talk to one another, and sort out your differences.”

Another fan, Dinnar Oscar, echoes Radhia’s sentiments that Kajala-Wema relationship is responsible for her disturbing remarks.

“What has prompted you to say so, Wema? I love you very much, and you are making me sad. Nonetheless, do everything you can to make peace with Kajala. Your soured relationship is affecting me; I love the both of you equally. Please, Wema. Lower your pride and meet with Kajala,” she posted.

Wema fell out with Kajala, who was her best friend, in 2014 after she (Wema) accused Kay of eloping with her then wealthy fiancé, Clement aka CK.

“Kajala is not grateful. You won’t believe I sacrificed selflessly for her, gave her Ksh95, 000 but she still stole my fiancé. That’s being very inhuman,” Wema said in her EATV Show In My Shoes in March, 2015.

Wema in June, 2015 told the public she is ready to end her differences with Kajala.

“To be frank I have forgiven Kajala. I have no problem with her, and so anytime she needs me for anything, I will readily give. I had deep thoughts and I saw there is no reason to be in enmity with her, I pray to God to guide me. I’m ready to meet her anywhere,” Wema told Tanzania’s Global Publishers.

Despite her declaration, the two are yet to bury the hatchet, and quotas believe the tart relationship is depressing Wema.

Other followers asked Wema not to give up, and reminded her it is only God who knows the time when every individual will pass on.

“Be brave, Wema. Stop stressing yourself over death. It is only God who knows the time every human being will pass on. May peace be with you. Remember to pray,” said Joy Vincent.


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