I support Kalonzo on NASA government structure – ODM Senator Ongoro

Nominated Senator on ODM ticket, Elizabeth Ongoro, has backed NASA co-principal Kalonzo Musyoka’s proposal that if the outfit wins the August 8 presidential election, it will call for a referendum to amend the 2010 Constitution to change the system of Government.

In the proposal, all the coalition’s four principals: Raila Odinga, Moses Wetangula, Kalonzo Musyoka and Musalia Mudavadi will fill plum government positions that will be created, other than the existing President and Deputy President slots.

Kalonzo made the remarks on Citizen Television’s Jeff Koinange Live on Wednesday, April 5, where he claimed that two NASA principals who will miss out on the Presidential candidate and running mate, would be accommodated in the new power deal that will require the creation of Office of the Prime Minister that will have two deputies.

Kalonzo Musyoka said: “I hold the view there will be room for each of us (NASA principals); all four of us. We are not done with amendments to the basic document in this country – the Constitution. Kenyans would recall when I actually accepted my party’s nomination as its flag bearer on the 13th of December, 2016 I said that within the first 180 days, we will cause a Constitutional amendment.

“We will go to the people of this country and try to remind them that a Constitution is not a static document. It has to respond to the political environment as well as aspirations of the people. We will create the Office of the Prime Minister and Deputy Prime Minister.”

Senator Elizabeth Ongoro now says “that is the official position of NASA”.

“We fully support Kalonzo’s statement. That is the official position of NASA. And it is a very good and credible position. The whole idea is when you go into a fight together, whatever the outcome, everybody should be a partaker. And that is what he is putting on the table – to make everyone comfortable; that if you don’t get this one, you can still get that one. We are fully behind that statement as NASA,” said Ms Ongoro.

Asked whether she is optimistic that Kenyans will pass the referendum – and that is if NASA wins the August 8 general poll, Ms Ongoro said: “Why would you choose to be pessimistic? It won’t backfire. This is a watertight process by four credible leaders who have known that this country needs unity, this country needs a change or regime, this country needs a group of leaders who will bring true change. NASA is organizing itself in such a way that there will be no fallout.”


Senator Ongoro, who has expressed interest in running for Ruaraka Parliamentary seat on ODM ticket, says she does not believe in “propaganda” peddled by her political rival, incumbent Ruaraka MP T.J. Kajwang, that ODM party leader Raila Odinga has “endorsed him for re-election in the Constituency on ODM ticket”.

“The only person who is supposed to favour anybody is the voter. All these propagandas that are being spread all over I am yet to know their genesis. If T.J. Kajwang is part of the propaganda machinery, too bad – because while he is fighting me; spreading propaganda, he is also painting the party in very bad light,” said Ms Ongoro.

“He is painting my party leader Raila Odinga in very bad light – as a person who is not democratic. And yet every politician knows after five years, you face a political duel of some sort. So, nobody should chicken out. Nobody should want a free ride. Nobody should be afraid of political competition. I personally, I am not afraid,” added the nominated Senator.

Asked on what move she’ll take if her rival T.J. Kajwang wins the nomination to vie on ODM ticket for Ruaraka Parliamentary seat in August 8 poll, Ms Ongoro said she “will remain in ODM only if she loses honourably”.

“If I lose honourably in the nomination, what next for me? I will be firmly in ODM. I will be firmly behind the candidature of my party leader Raila Odinga. And just confirming your words – if I lose honourably. That means free, fair and credible elections. Anything short of that, will then elicit something that is short of what I have just stated.

“If I am winning and somebody tries to take my ticket, I am sure the kind of leadership that we have in ODM will not allow that. Of course, this is politics; and a political process cannot be devoid of political thugs or mercenaries as I call them; people who believe in their hands that they can hold secret meetings and control the political destiny of somebody. We need to let them know that whatever they are doing have got very negative ripple effects on our ultimate objective and all those kind of people we hope are going to change or give way.”

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