‘I still love Vanessa Mdee,’ confesses Juma Jux

Tanzanian RnB and pop singer Juma Jux  has admitted to still having feelings for his ex-girlfriend and fellow country pop star Vanessa Mdee.

The ‘Sumaku’ crooner, speaking in an interview with Lil Ommy TV, revealed that he still loves Vanessa Mdee despite how their relationship ended.

“Mimi sasa hivi I’ve got love for Vee, it will not change, hakuna ex wangu hata mmoja nishawai kuja nikamwongelea…Vee is the baddest, ni msichana mzuri, smart, anaelewa anachokifanya, na mimi nampenda bado. Kwa mapenzi nampenda girlfriend wangu Naika lakini Vee bado nampenda tumefanya mambo mengi pamoja,” he said.

[“I’ve still got love for Vee, it will not change, there’s no other ex of mine I’ve spoken about. Vee is a good, smart girl who understands whatever she does, I still love her. I love my girlfriend Naika but Vee and I have done a lot of things together.“]

According to Jux, Vanessa called off their relationship abruptly in December last year the two have since remained friends business acquaintances.

Reports of their break-up were sparked after Vanessa Mdee’s sister Mimi Mars accidentally let it slip during an interview.

The two reportedly decided to keep their break-up a secret so as to protect their businesses as well as other projects they were pursuing together.

The reports were officially confirmed after Jux recently introduced his new girlfriend from Thailand, leading to the ‘Wet’ hitmaker taking to her Instagram stories to lay bare details about their split.

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