I slept with her but she didn’t get pregnant – Abdul Kiba after Form Two student accuses him of escaping responsibility


A Form Two student at Isqama Islamic Academy in Oman has accused Tanzanian artiste Abdul Kiba of impregnating her.

Nasra Salum, 19, says she met Kiba on Instagram while living with her aunt in Oman – and they started off a romantic relationship which resulted in her getting pregnant.

“He sent me a message on Instagram requesting for my phone number, of which I texted him. He began seducing me, using all manner of sweet words on me. Since knowing him, I became a truant. I fell out with my aunt. All my thoughts were about him. I wanted to come home (Tanzania) and be with him,” she said.

“My aunt was fed with my uncontrollable behaviour and booked me a flight to Tanzania,” Nasra told Tanzania’s Global Publishers.

When she arrived in Tanzania, she put up at her sister’s place in Kariakoo, Dar es Salaam, and she says she visited Abdul Kiba on the second day of her stay.

“He asked me to visit him at his house in Tabata, of which I agreed,” said Nasra.

“When we arrived at his house, he spent the whole day through night while chatting with his friends in the living room. All that time, I was in the bedroom. He later, at 3am, joined me in the bedroom, where we had unprotected sex four times,” she narrated further.

“The following day, I spent a better part of my time in the bedroom while he chatted with his friends. But he would bring me food (rice and chicken). Just like the previous night, he joined me in the bedroom at 3am, and we had unprotected sex two times,” said Nasra.

The following morning she left for her sister’s place.

Since then, Nasra says Abdul Kiba ignored her phone calls, finally resorting to blocking her contact.

“I went to a city hospital for pregnancy test and the results came out positive. I want Abdul Kiba to accept responsibility (of my pregnancy). He has ruined my life,” said Nasra.

When Global Publishers reached Kiba for comment, he had this to say: “I don’t believe she is pregnant. However, it is true that I had unprotected sex with her for two days at my place. However, I think she is looking for fame through me. I blocked her contact after she became stubborn. It is not true that she is a student. When I met her, she told me that she is a businesswoman based in Oman. I seduced her. Anyway, ignore her.”

Abdul Kiba is known for the song Kidela which he featured his elder brother Ali Kiba.



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