I quit! Why comedian YY has left Churchill Show


Comedian Oliver Otieno, better known as YY, has quit Churchill Show.

The talented comic says his out of the blue decision was prompted by the omission of his scenes from the edited one-hour programme.

YY says this has left many of his fans questioning if he is still an act on the NTV Sunday night show.

“It was nice being on Churchill Show. I loved it and appreciated but ‪#‎IQuit. Why? My talent is too strong to be killed by computer desktops; my God is more powerful too…No pleasing human in good faith ‪#‎Godspeed,” YY wrote on Facebook Thursday, May 26.

On Monday, May 23 a fan, Okite Tero, asked YY of his whereabouts.

“My brother YY, I am one of your biggest fans, kwani what happened? We miss you big why lie!” said Mr Tero on Twitter.

In a rather coy tone, YY responded: “Nilitoka (I quit the show).”

Comedian YY was famed for unique and effortless jokes that, time and again, left his audience in long teary laughter. He joined Churchill Show in 2013 after making it through his first audition.

YY is a Kenyatta University alumnus who pursued Health Records and Information Management. He began professional acting in 2011 where he did plays with The Kenyatta University Travelling Theatre.


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