‘I miss you sometimes,’ Otile Brown’s birthday message to Vera Sidika

Singer Otile Brown has admitted to missing his ex-girlfriend, socialite-cum-businesswoman Vera Sidika.

In a birthday message posted on Instagram on Sunday, Otile Brown described Sidika as “a beautiful person, lively and kind.”


The ‘Alivyonipenda’ singer and the socialite have previously been in a relationship which ended in a messy split as Sidika accused the star of feigning interest in her only to use her for his ‘Baby Love’ video and then dump her.

Taking to Instagram after the break-up, she wrote: “Imagine after 3 years of turning down video offers that were paying well because I stopped being a video vixen. Then five days after the video he says he does not love me, it’s just funny. Why pretend to love me, get me into the video then say it later?”

Otile Brown, in response, stated that Sidika had done something that completely put him off. In a song, however, he might have intimated that Sidika aborted their baby.

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