I don’t want to see you: Zari tells Wema after Diamond’s invite

Ugandan socialite Zari Hassan has told Wema Sepetu that she doesn’t want to see the actress on August 6, when her daughter Latiffah Dangote will be celebrating her third birthday.

This comes after Wema received an invite from Diamond Platnumz to attend Latiffah’s birthday party in South Africa.

“I hear Babu Tale [Diamond’s manager] inquiring if we do have passports. I want to tell him, yes we do; and I, alongside other female members of the Wasafi company committee, will be there for Tiffah’s birthday on August 6,” said Wema at a WCB function in Dar es Salaam, which had been organised by Babu Tale.

A cheeky Instagram user going by the name Zainab sneaked into Zari’s timeline and asked her whether she would welcome Wema Sepetu and her delegation to South Africa.

“Mama Latiffah, we’ll be coming to South Africa for Tiffah’s birthday party. The delegation comprises me, Latiffah’s aunties and her step-mothers [cheekily implies Wema will be part of the delegation]. Are we welcomed?

Zari replied: “I don’t want people to dirty my house. You and members of your delegation should remain where you are.”

Wema, consequently, took to Instagram to say she “did not beg to be invited to Tiffah’s birthday party”.

She said: “I have heard that my invite to attend Tiffah’s birthday party has elicited anger at an estate somewhere. Please, we  did not beg to be invited to the event. I’m saying this out of a clean heart.”

Wema Sepetu and Zari Hassan have, often, differed in public with Zari accusing Wema of causing her break-up with Diamond Platnumz.

Wema dated Diamond in an on-and-off affair, which ended in November, 2014.

Zari Hassan, thereafter, kick-started a relationship with the award-winning musician.

Their relationship, however, ended in February, 2018, with Zari accusing Diamond of cheating on her multiple times.

Zari and Diamond are blessed with two children; Latiffah Dangote, 2, and Prince Nillan, 1.


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