I don’t care that men see me as a sex symbol – Victoria Kimani

Chocolate City’s big girl, Victoria Kimani, has claimed she would continue to flaunt her curves in her musical videos, despite some men objectifying her sexually.

In a recent interview with The Vanguard, the pop star hinted she has no apologies for flaunting her voluptuous body in her song videos and during stage performances.

In reference to her wiggling notoriety, Kimani said: “I don’t think that is a bad thing. I am quite aware of that. Besides, why should I apologise for owning up to what is mine. At times, I can choose to wear Hijab to cover it (curves) up.”

Affirming that she doesn’t care about people’s opinion, the Show hit-maker said: “Sometimes, I decide to flaunt it (curves). I don’t even consider what people say because this is me and I try to be myself oftentimes.”

Denouncing being a sex symbol, Kimani said: “It is people who look at me as sex symbol. I think seeing me as a sex symbol depends on what the people seeing me that way think.”

“It is their own assessment because I do not dress or act it. Dressing is a thing of choice, what others like might be what others dislike,” she disclosed.

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