I did not ‘steal’ Kilimani woman’s husband, male singer says


Popular Facebook page Kilimani Mums was recently treated to a shocking post of a user by the name Mercy M. Cate accusing a local male musician of “stealing” her husband.

Mercy M. Cate, a Facebook user, whose profile information is scanty, accused Sheldi Gorgeouz of introducing her husband, whom she identified as John, to homosexuality.

According to her Facebook profile Mercy M. Cate lives in Nairobi; is a singleton; “went to Spiff school”; joined Facebook on December 2012.

She also has very few pictures uploaded on her account, with nearly all downloaded from the internet, with human subjects being musicians.

These elements of the profile content make the accused believe that the user, Mercy M. Cate, is a fake; and is only bent on soiling his reputation.

Below is a part of the post that the user Mercy M. Cate shared on Kilimani Mums Uncensored (Original) Facebook page:

“Sometimes back, my husband started behaving funny. He could stay out for days; he could chat (online) at weird hours. I suspected something was wrong. One day I snatched my husband’s phone only to find a phone number he used to call and text regularly. I ringed the number and to my surprise, a man picked the call. My husband, nonetheless, managed to convince me that the man on the other end was his workmate.

“One evening, I saw a text on my husband’s phone, begging Sheldi to meet him at [name of entertainment joint withheld] the following day 6pm. I enquired from my husband what the meeting was all about and he told me that Sheldi had a legal case pertaining to drug peddling that he (husband) needed to help him navigate.

“The following day I went to the entertainment joint, where they were to meet up. I confronted my husband after he met Sheldi and was ready to leave the entertainment joint with him.

“My husband says Sheldi takes care of him better than I do. I did not marry a gay man. I am sure it is Sheldi, who pushed him to that. Sheldi has snatched my husband completely. My husband’s phone is full of his pictures. He completely destroyed my marriage,” alleged the user Mercy M. Cate.

Sheldi Gorgeouz, who describes himself as a musician, host and model on his Facebook account, however, denies knowing Mercy M. Cate or her husband.

Sheldi Gorgeouz took to his Facebook account on Wednesday, July 19 at 8:10pm to set the record straight.

He wrote: “To all my fans and friends, I want to take this opportunity to make it clear that I don’t know this woman who has really tarnished my name. The account posting stories about me is fake; her account indicates that it belongs to a male user. So, it is one person who is out there to destroy my reputation.

“The man she is claiming to be her husband is a downloaded picture; and I have posted the evidence of the downloaded picture. I don’t know her neither do I know that man. You all know me as a reputable being and characteristics outlined in that pseudo account by name Mercy Cate about me are false. I am a man and God created only Adam and Eve; not Adam and Adam. To all those who attacked me and are still attacking me, I forgive you.”

eDaily could not independently verify the legitimacy of Mercy M. Cate Facebook account.

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