‘I did not steal anybody’s song,’ says Visita

Musician-cum-Producer Nixon Wesonga, popularly known as Visita, has come out to refute claims that he stole one artist’s song and sold it to another.

Upcoming musician Shon Buoy had, in past media interviews, claimed that Visita – then Grandpa Records Vice President – stole a song he had written and sold it to established acts Prezzo and Bamboo.

Shon Buoy further claimed that he was not the first artist Visita had stolen from; adding that the Mapepo hitmaker had also conned artist Shamir off a song, which later on became his Randaranda collabo with Mr. Lenny.

However, speaking on Citizen T.V’s 10 over 10 with Joey Muthengi on Friday, Visita rubbished off those claims saying he did not even know who Shon Buoy was.

“First of all Bamboo is a legend and a super lyricist. How can I sell that (the alleged song) to Bamboo?” posed Visita.

On being asked whether he was aware of the artist making the claims, Visita only replied with, “Who’s that?”

The Dawa ya Moto star also declined to offer an explanation to the events leading to his exit from Grandpa records a few years ago saying, “Time and God will tell.”


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