I did not spend night with Real Madrid’s Marco Asensio, top singer says

Pop singer Dua Lipa has rubbished reports she spent the night with Real Madrid midfielder Marcos Asensio after the Champions League final.

Spanish media blamed CNN Turk, the Turkish affiliate of the cable news channel CNN, for claiming the pair got together after the singer-songwriter performed at the Champions League final, The Sun reports.

But the 22-year-old English artiste insisted on Twitter Tuesday that she had never met Asensio despite taking to the stage before his side beat Liverpool 3-1 in Kiev on Saturday, May 26.

She also claimed it was unlikely their paths would ever cross because her manager supported the losing side, tweeting: “I haven’t even met Marco Asensio and it is highly unlikely I ever will as my Liverpool-supporting manager would never forgive me.”

She posted a link to an article about the footballer and musician in Catalan daily El Periodico, insisting in a reply to a fan that she had no idea where the story had come from.

Spanish media laid the blame at the door of CNN Turk.

Dua Lipa, born in London to Albanian parents from Kosovo, confessed to being single in a recent interview but admitted to being a “firm believer in love” due to her mum and dad’s strong relationship.

She reportedly parted ways with her boyfriend of five months Paul Klein earlier this year.

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