I contemplated committing suicide in more than 10 instances – Ray C


Legendary Tanzanian singer Ray C, who is currently riding high with her new track Unanimaliza, has revealed that she, in the past, contemplated committing suicide in more than ten instances.

Ray C, who had plunged into drug abuse in 2012, says she felt worthless following her then-newly acquired lifestyle.

Speaking to Tanzania’s weekly, Wikienda, Ray C said she was exposed to hard drugs at a tender age, when she could not fully make independent decisions.

“Suicidal ideation rang constantly in my mind. I think the instances where I thought of killing myself are more than ten. I had lost hope in life. I looked back at my life and the dreams that I had – they were on point. But there I was, driving my life into a ditch but I could not rescue myself from it,” said Ray C.

“There was a time I felt my life was meaningless, worthless. I had no self-esteem at all,” said Ray C.

Ray C was rescued from drug addiction by former Tanzanian President Jakaya Kikwete, who ensured that she was admitted to a rehab facility.

She would be in and out of the rehab center, with several reports surfacing later that she had lapsed on her course to recover from addiction.

Ray C, now, says she is a completely a changed person and is ready to reclaim her title of being the queen of East African music.

She, in April, 2017, released a new song titled Unanimaliza that is currently receiving massive airplay on radio stations across the region.


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