I can’t stop crying… Read Size 8’s emotional message to her late mum

This weekend has proven to be an emotional roller coaster for Gospel artist Size 8.

Exactly one year ago, the singer’s mother passed away; barely two days after the birth of Size 8’s daughter Ladasha Belle.

What’s worse, the Pale Pale singer was experiencing pregnancy complications so she was unable to attend her mother’s sendoff.

On the first anniversary of her mum’s passing, Size 8 has taken to Instagram to send an emotional message to her mother.

 “I posted this pic exactly one year ago. This was one of the most confused and emotionally twisted times of my life. How did I even get through it? It must be the Grace of God. I lost you mum, I never even got a chance to even bury you. Sorry mum, I was too sick to travel and Ladasha Belle was born so underweight she couldn’t travel also. I wish you could see her now; she is grown. You were the person who was concerned about her and prayed for her the most even when the devil wanted to take her life but yet you never saw her. Your prayers reached heaven cause this baby is just a blessing. I can’t stop crying cause I miss you so much. You were such a mighty woman of God, you taught me how to pray and preserve you gave me so much wisdom. Love you always.”

Esther Munyali, Size 8’s mother, had experienced kidney related complications since late 2014. She eventually succumbed to her illness on November 20, 2016.

Size 8 and her husband DJ Mo recently celebrated their daughter’s first birthday at the Giraffe Ark Game Lodge in Nyeri.

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