I am sorry, former editor to news anchor Joy Doreen Biira


Former editor at a Kenyan media house, Aaron Ochieng, has publicly apologised to KTN news anchor, Joy Doreen Biira, and her family for stealing Biira’s car.

Ochieng was on Tuesday, July 4 charged at the Milimani Law Courts with handling stolen property, a Mercedes Benz E 220, valued at Ksh2.8 million, belonging to Joy Doreen Biira.

Ochieng also apologised for his earlier argument that he and Biira conspired in the car theft.

Ochieng further requested the court to allow him and Biira settle the matter out of court.

The court allowed the complainant and defendant one week to reach an agreement and report back for the matter to be withdrawn.

Biira’s car was stolen from Standard Group Headquarters parking lot on Mombasa Road on December 23.

A statement from the police said that Doreen immediately reported the loss of the car to security and transport officer, who launched a search for the missing car.

“It was established that the vehicle had left the gate at around 7:39pm,” the police said.

Authorities added that Biira’s car was driven out of the premises by Ochieng.

The matter was reported at Industrial Area Police Station, where an investigation commenced, leading to the recovery of Biira’s car in Kisumu, with its registration plates changed from KBY 831K to KCH 117L.

Ochieng was arrested on December 30 in Kisumu and later transferred to Nairobi and detained at Industrial Area Police Station in connection with the car theft.





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