I am not a ‘woman-eater’ – Boyfriend of Diamond’s mum


The boyfriend of Sanura Kassim, alias Bi Sandra, has dismissed claims that he has no place of his own, and, is consequently, housed by Ms Kassim.

Shamte, popularly known as Anko, says he is “shocked” by allegations that he lives with Ms Kassim, who is Diamond’s mum, at her Madale home because of his homelessness.

He says he lives with Ms Kassim because “both my house and hers are ours”.

“People have been talking a lot since I tied the knot with Diamond’s mum, and, thereafter, moved in with her. What they are forgetting is both her house and mine are our houses. The day Ms Kassim and I decide to live in my house in Bunju, there would be no problem with that; and when I decide to live with her at her Madale home – like I am doing now –, there is still no issue with that,” Shamte told Tanzania’s “Global Publishers”.

“The big issue is not who lives where, but whether I am getting the respect I need as a man of the house. So far, Ms Kassim respects me, cooks for me, washes my clothes and I get all the other services a husband would get from his wife,” said Shamte.

The term “woman-eater” was coined by Kenyan High Court Judge James Wakiaga on October 30, when he denied murder suspect Joseph Irungu bail, saying Mr Irungu had no known residence and assets in Kenya besides the fact that he was living in his fiancée Jacque Maribe’s house in Lang’ata.

Based on that context, a “woman-eater” simply means a man who lives off women’s money.

And in the Shamte case, online users speculated that he was sponging off Diamond’s mum’s money.

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