I am disappointed in my wife for stripping naked in public – Vihiga man


A 73-year-old woman shocked residents of Luanda in Vihiga County after she stripped naked in public to protest against the caning of her 18-year-old granddaughter accused of stealing shoes from a female Maseno University student.

Emily Alembi found Emabungo assistant chief, Janes Obando, caning her grandchild, Diana Alembi, on Friday, and she [Emily] immediately undressed to express her anger.

Emily had sought an AP officer’s help, claiming a Maseno university student wanted to poison her granddaughter at a rental house in Luanda.

Upon reaching the house, where Diana was, the AP officer found the area assistant chief disciplining the teenager.

The police officer inquired why Chief Obando was beating up the girl, and that was when he [police officer] and Emily were told that she [Diana] had stolen shoes from a neighbour.

Diana was staying with her uncle in a rental house owned by the assistant chief’s cousin.

The teenager, however, denied stealing the shoes, saying she had found them hidden in between firewood she had bought from a local seller.

It is during that commotion that Emily stripped naked, saying the area assistant chief was unjustly caning her granddaughter. Emily, thereafter, placed her dress on her head and began screaming.

The elderly woman’s husband, Henry Alembi, said he was “shocked” and “disappointed” by his wife’s actions.

“Her action has brought shame and embarrassment to us” said Mr Alembi.

Emily told her husband that she opted to do that because the area assistant chief had – for long – been holding an unexplained grudge against her.

Local village elders say Emily should undergo cleansing, according to the Abaluhya practice, so that bad luck, including death, doesn’t befall her relatives.

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