Husband told me: ‘Ama nikuue tu once?’: Woman stabbed 13 times, then ‘ordered to lie’ she got injuries from road crash


A 26-year-old woman from Tumaini Village in Ol Kalou, Nyandarua County is recuperating at the JM Kariuki Memorial Hospital after she was allegedly stabbed by her husband, who, thereafter, ordered her to lie that she got injuries from a bodaboda accident.

Mary Nyambura, a mother of a 2-month old baby, says her husband stabbed her in the neck and arms on the night of April 25.

According to Nyambura, her partner, Kennedy Gatehi, accused her of having extramarital affairs.

The victim further said the suspect attempted to inflict cuts on her using a spade.

“He stabbed me in the arms 12 times and one time in the neck. The kitchen knife he used to commit the crime is still hidden under our matrimonial bed,” said Nyambura.

“The following day at 7am, he asked me: ‘Unataka aje?’ I told him: ‘I want you to take me to hospital. Then he asked me: ‘Ama nikuue tu once?’ I told him: ‘no’. We, thereafter, went to the hospital where he ordered me to say that I sustained the injuries after a bodboda knocked me down. The doctors said I needed to be admitted, but my husband refused, saying there was no way he would babysit a 2-month-old child by himself. My partner and I, thereafter, went back home,” said Nyambura.

The couple’s neighbours say they realised on Thursday, May 5 that Nyambura was in deep pain, and upon inquiring, the 26-year-old spilled the beans on what had transpired.

It is then that the neighbours took her to JM Kariuki Hospital, where it was established that Nyambura had been stabbed multiple times.

The suspect, Kennedy Gatehi, was consequently arrested and is being held at Mirangine Police Station as investigations continue.

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